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Suicidal Tendencies LP blue marbled vinyl

Suicidal Tendencies LP blue marble vinyl

The first Suicidal Tendencies LP has to be one of the best-selling punk rock albums of all time. I’m talking real manly punk rock with testicular fortitude, not that shitty emo pop that tries to pass itself off as punk these days. The first Suicidal Tendencies album has that in spades but that’s not the […]

Adolescents – The Complete Demos 1980 – 1986 LP Coke bottle vinyl

Adolescents Demos coke bottle vinyl

One of the best byproducts of the current vinyl resurgence along with people’s continuing interest in old punk rock is bands and labels digging through their various vaults to unearth unreleased material. What was once deemed either not quite up to snuff to release or what was left on the cutting room floor due to […]

Redd Kross – Born Innocent LP coke bottle vinyl

Redd Kross - Born Innocent coke bottle vinyl

Redd Kross has been around in one form or another for a very long time, 34 years and counting! The one constant has been the core members, Jeff and Steve McDonald, who just so happen to be brothers.  They started the band way back in 1980 and released an EP that same year. The following […]

Knots – Heartbreaker 7″ vinyl reissue

The Knots - Heartbreaker reissue

There is so much music out there that even if you had nothing to do all day and unlimited funds, you’d barely scratch the surface of what’s out there that was released in any given decade. If you start adding the decades together then there could literally be tens of thousands of records and bands […]

Dangerhouse Complete Singles Collected 1977 – 1979

Dangerhouse Records box set

When it comes to American punk rock there is no greater record label than Dangerhouse Records. This label formed in 1977 and only lasted a couple of years but everything they put out was punk rock gold. In the late 1970s the punk rock scene in California was a hotbed of amazing and unique bands […]

The Billybones – The Complexity of Stupidity LP

The Billybones LP

This original L.A. punk veteran returns after a few years off with another very strong album of catchy punk songs that blend the old with the modern. The Billybones  - The Complexity of Stupidity LP Doctor Strange Records Billy Bones (the person) was part of the original L.A. punk scene way back in the late […]

Adolescents LP Coke bottle colored vinyl

Adolescents LP - Coke bottle vinyl

If you have lived in a cave the last 30 years then you probably missed out on a band from Southern California called the Adolescents who in 1981 released one of the finest punk rock albums of its time. In fact the thing became so legendary that it still sells regularly to generations of music […]

Suicidal Tendencies – LP Coke bottle colored vinyl


There must have been something in the water and the California sun back in the early 1980′s because it was the single greatest state for punk rock back in those days. So many legendary bands formed there and put out records and many of those records are still being bought and listened to by new […]

Yes L.A. vinyl reissue


I got into punk rock around 1981 which means I missed out on a lot of the first generation of United States punk rock as many of the bands from that first wave didn’t stick around very long but they certainly left a long-lasting impression that is still being felt today. People can clamor all […]

Ian Dury – New Boots and Panties vinyl reissue

Ian Dury LP reissue


Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine – White People and the Damage Done

Jello Biafra LP

The best thing Jello Biafra has done post-Dead Kennedys and likely a good indication of what that band could have sounded like had they stuck around or properly reformed. He may be up there in age but he still is one of the best punk singers around. Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine […]

Tutu and the Pirates/Hotlips Messiah – Split 7″

Tutu and the Pirates/Hotlips Messiah split

Chicago’s first punk band and one of Chicago’s current best team up for a four-song home run. This is punk rock gold! Tutu and the Pirates/Hotlips Messiah – Get Weird split 7″ Sexy Baby Records Chicago’s first punk band teamed up with one of Chicago’s best current punk bands to put out a split 7″ […]

Sienna Nanini – Pants Down Time LP

Sienna Nanini LP

The first new Dangerhouse release in more than three decades is every bit as genre defying and quirky as you’d expect from this cast of eclectic musicians. Not for the closed minded. Sienna Nanini – Pants Down Time LP Dangerhouse Records/Frontier Records Your mind is not playing tricks on you, that does say Dangerhouse Records […]

The Middle Class – Out of Vogue The Early Material LP random colored vinyl

The Middle Class LP random color vinyl

The Middle Class were a Southern California punk rock band from the late 1970′s who are often credited with putting out the first hardcore 7″ EP with their legendary and extremely valuable Out of Vogue EP. It was the band’s first release and they’d go on to put out another excellent 7″ and a less […]

Adolescents LP gravy colored vinyl

Adolescents LP gravy vinyl

This year the first Adolescents LP turns 32 years old. When it came out it was a breath of fresh air and over three decades later it has still held up as one of the greatest punk albums of all time. They were considered a hardcore band at the time when that style of music […]

Various Artists – The Worlds Lousy With Ideas 7″

The Worlds Lousy With ideas

Five years ago, Almost Ready Records put out this compilation 7″ featuring three bands and that started a series that is up to its ninth volume (in a variety of formats). For the fifth anniversary of this record it has been reissued with new cover art. First up is Home Blitz. They are a noisy […]

Incredible Kidda Band – B*tch! 7″

Incredible Kidda Band - Bitch!

Back when the Incredible Kidda Band (also known as just Kidda Band) was an active band, they went largely overlooked despite making some great power-pop singles that fit in well with the sounds of the early punk scene at the time that it was just starting to emerge. The band not only recorded and released […]

Joe Hebert Band – I Don’t Want to be a Preppy 7″ reissue

Joe Hebert Band - I Don't Want to be a Preppy

In 1981 a fellow by the name of Joe Hebert who would later become a comedian, graduated from a Rhode Island high school and decided to make a record. He enlisted some musicians from a local band called The Tits and released a two-song single. They made very few of them and it wasn’t even […]

The Mentally Ill – Strike the Bottom Red LP

The Mentally Ill - Strike the Bottom Red LP

The Mentally Ill was one of the earliest punk bands from Chicago and they were easily one of the most demented and twisted punk bands ever.  They put out one 7″ which became a KBD classic a decade or so after its release (and after the band vanished) and back when they released it they […]

The Normals – So Bad So Sad LP

The Normals - So Bad So Sad LP

The Normals was a band from New Orleans that formed in early 1978 and is largely regarded as the first punk rock band from New Orleans though the band themselves never had aspirations of being so, it just sort of turned out that way. The band only stuck around for a couple of years and […]

The Nubs – I Don’t Need You 7″ reissue

The Nubs - I Don't Need You

New Hampshire wasn’t known for producing many punk rock bands. In fact other than the fact that GG Allin originated from there I can’t think of any other bands from that state that I have ever heard of. Before GG Allin though there was a band called The Nubs who put out a 7″ way […]

The Features – Floozie of the Neighboorhood 7″ vinyl reissue

The Features - Floozie of the Neighborhood reissue

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in three decades of collecting punk records is that for every great record I’ve heard or owned, there are dozens that I’ve never heard of or missed out on due to their obscurity and rarity. The sad result of this is that a lot of great records flew […]

Burning Sons – Reflective Confessions 7″

Burning Sons EP

The only new Mystic Records recording artist returns with a new EP that is better, stronger, faster (on two of the three songs anyway). Three excellent hardcore/thrash tunes that will remind you of yesteryear. Burning Sons – Reflective Confessions 7″ Mystic Records Burning Sons is a hardcore band from WI whose claim to fame is […]

Channel 3 – Land of the Free 7″

Channel 3 - Land of the Free

Two new songs from these punk rock veterans that are as good as it gets. Powerful, catchy mid-tempo songs that will be stuck in your head for days. Great packaging and free bonus tracks in the download! Channel 3 – Land of the Free 7″ Hostage Records Channel 3 (CH3 for short) has been around […]