Filmage: The story of Descendents/All

An amazing story of one of the most important and influential bands in punk rock history who never got the recognition they deserved but should be a household name. One of the best band documentaries you’ll ever see. Filmage: The […]

Shattered Faith – Modern Convenience 7″

After nearly thirty years away, Shattered Faith return with their second new release of the year that shows that they still have plenty to offer. Shattered Faith – Modern Convenience 7″ Hostage Records Shattered Faith is an old school punk […]

Channel 3 – History 7″

A band with a 34 year history delivers a great single with one new song and one cover, proving they absolutely still have it! Channel 3 – History 7″ Hostage Records This is an appropriately titled record as the band, […]

The Mons – 7″

An amazing début of short, fast, and loud punk rock that is everything that makes the genre so good! The Mons – 7″ Underground Communique Records Though I’d never heard of them before receiving this record in the mail, The […]