Salad Days Blu Ray

Salad Days – Blu Ray New Rose Films/MVD Visual In punk and hardcore’s formative years most major cities in the United States had a pretty active punk scene that transcended the area to get national recognition but I can’t think of […]

Mad Parade – The Fool 7″

Mad Parade – The Fool 7″ Hostage Records There’s a list that I keep in my head of underrated punk rock bands that I feel never got the recognition that they deserved and perhaps the band on the very top […]

Caustic Defiance – 7″ EP

Caustic Defiance – 7″EP Way Back When Records/Kangaroo Records Back when I was in early high school, a friend of mine named Keith played in a local hardcore punk band called Negative Element. When he gave me a copy of […]

Adolescents – La Vendetta… LP

The Adolescents have been around in one form or another for the better part of the last 35 years which is one heck of a long time. The band formed in 1980 in southern California and their début, self-titled album […]

Sacrificial Youth DVD

A punk rock musical that is a really fun ride from start to finish. Sacrificial Youth DVD A Film by Joe Losurdo Regressive Films Joe Losurdo hit a home run quite a few years ago when he made the Chicago punk […]