LFCM the “lost” episode

We have finally uploaded the last episode of LFCM (Live From Combustion Manor) that we had in the can. This could be considered the “lost episdode” because first it was lost in editing limbo for awhile and then it got […]

A new LFCM for your listening pleasure

While sitting here recovering from getting a cortisone shot to the spine, I just posted the latest episode of LFCM. After numerous tours among other things delayed production, episode two of the new season is up and ready for download. […]

The LFCM season premiere!

The “new season” of LFCM has officially kicked off with a freshly recorded, brand-new episode! We finally got together and recorded new shows and I have to say they are better than ever. This is the first episode to feature […]

A new LFCM for the new year

As I sit here in my West Coast home, aka The Gore Lodge (now bigger and relocated), I am pleased to present to you another new episode of LFCM. What is LFCM you ask new reader of mine? LFCM is […]