Pelican “Final Breath” video

Pelican have just completed and posted a video for the final track on their latest album, What We All Come to Need, an album I still haven’t heard yet! It is their first for Southern Lord and this song also […]

Dwarves limited edition Throbblehead

I never thought I’d see the day that they made punk rock action figures, but first it happened with “The Misfits”, then GG Allin and the mighty Tesco Vee, and now The Dwarves. Aggronautix who released the aforementioned GG and […]

Giants – They the Undeserving

Giants – They the Undeserving LP The Mylene Sheath The Mylene Sheath continue to keep their batting average at an all time high as the new releases continue to stream out. Second in the batch of new releases for the […]

The Punk Vault Store has reopened

The Punk Vault store has just reopened. I had to replace the entire shopping cart system with a newer and better one. This one handles shipping much better than the old system. There’s also a bunch of new and some […]