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Cold Waves VI 10/1/17 at Metro

Sunday night was the final night for sixth Cold Waves festival over at Metro and boy did they go out with a bang. The night was capped off with a one-two punch of Ohgr (that’s Ogre from Skinny Puppy’s solo […]

Cold Waves VI 9/30/17 at Metro

Chicago is pretty much the industrial music capital of the world. Sure the music style may have been invented elsewhere but in Chicago is where it really grew and the Wax Trax label helped propel it to international attention.The time […]

Riot Fest 2017 Day Three

For many, the final day of Riot Fest was the one they were most excited about because once again, Riot Mike did the impossible and got a band that was so important to so many people back together when no […]

Riot Fest 2017 Day Two

It was another beautiful day in Chicago for the second day of Riot Fest and the lineup was every bit as action packed as the previous day. By later in the day the crowd easily doubled in size from the […]