Silver Screams – Defective Machines EP

Silver Screams – Defective Machines 12″ EP

If early punk rock mated with dark wave music like Joy Division then the result would be Silver Screams. This band has a punk rock foundation found in the early 1980’s UK bands, throws in some flashy but not self-indulgent rock licks such as those found on the second Meatmen album, and sprinkles in a hint of a goth/dark wave influence in the lyrical department. The six songs on this EP cover the spectrum of those styles and make for a varied and interesting listen throughout both sides of this vinyl platter.

The faster songs that fall into the more punk rock side of their sound all pack a great punch and even have a few sing-along parts and would easily get a crowd moving at a show but I found their slower, more experimental songs the ones that really grabbed me. The more post-punk side of Silver Screams showed a depth that gives this EP, and the band, a staying power that sticking to the fast and loud formula wouldn’t and it is a direction I hope they continue to incorporate in their future recordings. Even their Joy Division cover, something I’d typically frown upon, was pretty enjoyable.

The record comes in a full-color jacket and is pressed on orange/white marbled vinyl. It comes with a lyric sheet as well. The sound quality on this disc is fantastic. The LP also comes with a digital download that contains a couple of bonus tracks.

Silver Screams really impressed me with their first vinyl release. They are a band I’d definitely check out live if they were to come through these parts and I definitely look forward to more recordings from them in the future as well! This EP is highly recommended.