September, 2015

Mad Parade – The Fool 7″

Mad Parade – The Fool 7″ Hostage Records There’s a list that I keep in my head of underrated punk rock bands that I feel never got the recognition that they deserved and perhaps the band on the very top […]

The Orb 9/27/15 at Metro

The Orb have been around in one form or another for a very long time now and are considered pioneers in electronic music. The nucleus of The Orb in recent times consists of founding member, Alex Paterson, along with Thomas Fehlmann […]

Resistance Pro: Rolling Thunder 9/19/15

Saturday night wasn’t just another show for Resistance Pro, this one had special meaning. Rolling Thunder was the third annual Samuel J. Thompson memorial tournament show. Sam Thompson was the most beloved member of the Resistance Pro family who lost […]

Riot Fest 2015 Day Three

Sunday came and many opted to sleep in after two long days before returning for the final day of Riot Fest. The weather was absolutely perfect and a lot of the mud had dried except up close near a few […]