October, 2010

The England’s Dreaming Tapes

A wonderful book of interviews with most of the key members of the early punk scene that revolved around the Sex Pistols. A literal encyclopedia of that punk secne. The England’s Dreaming Tapes – Book by Jon Savage University of […]

Julie Christmas releases first video

The finest female vocalist in modern rock, Julie Christmas, has just released a new video from her forthcoming solo album. The album is titled The Bad Wife and is coming soon. This video and the song in particular (titled “Bow”) […]

New Municipal Waste video

Municipal Waste and Earache Records have just released a new video. The video, which if MTV still played videos would likely be a staple of Headbangers Ball, is for the song, “Wolves of Chernobyl” and you can check it out […]

Righteous Fool – 7″

A strong debut effort from two members of COC and one from HR’s band who deliver a two-song single of strong metallic rock. Righteous Fool – 7″ Southern Lord Righteous Fool is a new band featuring Mike Dean and Reed […]

Toothpaste Busted at Oz reunion video

Didn’t make it to Riot Fest this year? Shame on you! Didn’t make it to the once in a lifetime Busted at Oz reunion show at that dumpy little sauna in Wicker Park during Riot Fest? Promptly kick yourself in […]