June, 2010

Aggronautix release two more throbbleheads

Aggronautix has just released two new items in their “throbblehead” line. This time we get mini renditions of Andrew W.K. and GG Allin. Andrew W.K., the king of party music, needed some sweet merch for the Warped Tour, so Aggronautix […]

Slayer releases pinball app for iPhone/iPad

One of the greatest metal bands of all time, Slayer, have just release an app for the iPhone/iPad. Slayer:  Pinball Rocks, a new pinball game app developed in conjunction with American Recordings/Columbia Records, Sony Music Entertainment and Gameprom. “As a […]

Ov Hell – The Underworld Regime

Ov Hell – The Underworld Regime Prosthetic Records Ov Hell is a Norwegian black metal band that recently formed that is made up of members of Gogoroth and Dimmu Borgir and also features work from members of 1349 and Enslaved. […]