June, 2010

The Last Felony post track from upcoming album

Canadian death metal act, The Last Felony, has launched a completely redesigned MySpace page in anticipation of their forthcoming Lifeforce Records full-length debut, Too Many Humans.   Along with the new design, and the already revealed single, “Too Many Humans”, the band […]

The Mission – Dum-Dum Bullet

The Mission – Dum-Dum Bullet SPV Records The Mission has had a long career that dates back to 1986 when the band formed out of former members of Sisters of Mercy. For the ten years that followed, The Mission put […]

Naked Raygun 7"

Naked Raygun 7″ Series Volume 2

Naked Raygun – 7″ Series Volume 2 Riot Fest Records Naked Raygun return with the second installment of their 7″ series. Just like the first one, this features two brand new studio songs. “Growing Away” is the catchiest Raygun track […]