March, 2009

New Nickel and Dime vinyl

Along with the D.I. reissues mentioned recently, Nickel and Dime Records have a couple new vinyl releases out as well from new artists. Los Difuntos – Born and Raised in East L.A. LP Los Difuntos is a relatively new mid-tempo […]

R.I.P. Jonathin Christ

According to a comment left on this site by his daughter, John Powers, better known as Jonathin Christ from Code of Honor, passed away yesterday from heart failure. John is survived by his three children, the eldest who left the […]

Wino – Punctuated Equilibrium

Wino – Punctuated Equilibrium CD Southern Lord Recordings Wino is the nickname of one Scott Weinrich who has spent the last quarter century creating really heavy music in bands such at Saint Vitus, The Obsessed and The Hidden Hand. The […]