October, 2008

Riot Fest 2008 part two

Riot Fest continued as my blood sugar level and energy started dropping. I went to the catering room backstage for a quick sugar fix, stepped out the side door to make a quick phone call and then got back to […]

Riot Fest 2008 part one

With fall comes the changing of the leaves, the beginnings of crappy weather, the kids go back to school, and if you live in Chicago it also means the return of Riot Fest. The annual punk rock festival rears its […]

The end of Sound Idea

As a huge fan of music and a record collector, good record stores are some of my favorite places on earth. Every time a record store I liked closed, I would always get sad and I still am mourning the […]

Circle Jerks – Group Sex pink vinyl

The ladies at Frontier Records sent over the latest color vinyl pressing of one of the best hardcore punk albums of all time. Circle Jerks – Group Sex The first Circle Jerks LP is now appealing to its feminine side […]

MVD getting in the vinyl business

MVD, who for years now have been putting out some excellent music related DVDs is getting in on the vinyl craze with four upcoming releases: DEVO – Watch Us Work It This will contain four versions of the song “Watch […]

I can’t believe it’s not Lydon

If you asked me back when I was in junior high school and I discovered the Sex Pistols if I’d think in a million years that Johnny Rotten would be doing a commercial, I’d have told you that you were […]