February, 2008

Dr. Know colored vinyl

Mystic Records just reissued another old LP from their vast catalog of old punk rock. Dr. Know – The Original Group LP on green vinyl This is the Dr. Know – Original Group LP on green vinyl. This LP features […]

The Punk Vault store is now open!

The Spontaneous Combustion mailorder has been revamped and is now The Punk Vault store. I just put it up and there is a lot of rare Mystic Records vinyl available as well as some other things for sale while supplies […]

D.O.A. Smash the State DVD

D.O.A. – Smash the State: The Raw Original D.O.A. 1978 – 1981 DVD MVD Visual/Sudden Death Records D.O.A. are a Canadian punk institution. They were among the first and among the best punk bands ever to come out of the […]