September, 2007

R.I.P. Mikey Offender

I just learned that Mikey Offender, most notably a member of legendary hardcore band The Offenders, has passed away. I have no idea of the circumstances surrounding his passing. Mikey’s contribution to hardcore punk is very impressive. Not only was […]

The Vibrators 9/22 at The Note

Saturday night Cheddar Nines and (along with Couple of 2) went to The Note to see The Vibrators. This was I believe my fourth time seeing them play in the past few years and each time they always put on […]

My First Time

My First Time – Book AK Press In everyone’s life, there is a first time for something and depending on what that something is, it could be a very memorable and life changing event. From your first cavity, first date, […]

Kittie 9/13/07 at The Pearl Room

Thursday night Ryan and I went way down south to the town of Mokena, IL (yes I know you’ve probably never heard of it, most haven’t) to see Kittie play. I have a couple of their earlier records and liked […]

Riot Fest 2007 announced

The lineup for Riot Fest 2007 has been announced. This time it has gone back to the original two-day show and is once again at the Congress Theatre. This looks like a pretty solid lineup to me. I will be […]