Ed Colver signing at Dr Strange Records

If I lived in CA (or was on one of my many visits there), I would definitely be heading over to one of the greatest record stores still standing and one of the only to specialize in the punk rock I love so much, Doctor Strange Records.

Colver will be at Dr. Strange THIS Sunday at 2:00 for a book 
signing of his new book "Blight at the End of the Funnel". 
If you're not familiar with the photo's of Edward Colver take a 
look at pretty much any of your old Punk records: Germs, Dead 
Kennedys, X, Wasted Youth, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, 45 Grave 
(I could type ALL day here people). 
Edward was just as much a part of the early punk rock scene as 
any band was. Come out and pay your respects, buy a book and 
have him sign it for you. This is a ONCE in a life time event.

When: Sunday, May 20th at 2:00 (we open at 10:00 as always)
Where: Dr. Strange Records, 7136 Amethyst Ave., Alta Loma, Ca. 
Bring yourself, a few bucks to buy his book (we'll have plenty) 
and a GOOD attitude. 

**don't live in near by but still want a book signed to YOU 
personally? No problem! Go ahead and order on-line and in 
the "shipping comments" put a note "please have Edward sign MY 
book!". It's that easy... But HURRY Jack-Ass!


It's under "Ed Colver" book.

And also check out a special live appearance this Sunday with:

THE BILLYBONES: Check out a new (and great) video from former
Skulls singer; Billy Bones and his new band; The Billybones.
Click here and be enlightened:

I was and continue to be a big fan of Ed Colver’s work. When I was in CA last year I went and saw an art exhibit he had going on there. If you are in the Southern California area, I think it would definitely be worth your time to go over to Dr Strange and get a signed book and check out the show too, not to mention pick yourself up a fat stack of punk records.

If I didn’t already own the book (sadly mine is not signed) I’d definitely have put in an order at least for a copy of the book, it has got some really amazing photos in there.