May, 2007

The invasion has begun

For those of you not in the midwest, specifically IL, you may not know about the Cicada, or the 17 year locust. This is the year they return and over the weekend seemingly out of nowhere, my back yard was […]

Punk zine archive

I just learned of a great punk zine archive. This site has made available old issues of MRR, Flipside, etc for free in pdf format. With the old zines being pretty scarce and probably exchanging hands for large sums of […]

When will it stop?!

Price of gas Sunday – $3.29 Price of gas yesterday when I had to fill up – $3.49 The shit went up 20 cents in one day, after going up about 10 cents every week or so for the past […]

The Locust – New Erections

The Locust – New Erections CD Anti/Epitaph The Locust to me are one of the most interesting newer bands around these days. Instead of following the latest trend of hardcore and punk, they went out and forged their own sound […]