March, 2007

A new LFCM

Almost in time for Daylight Savings Time, we have just posted a new episode of LFCM. This classic punk podcast radio show can be had right here. This landmark episode features the origin of the “Vagina Out” mandate! What the […]

Someone please punch me

Have you ever said something during an argument so completely mean, stupid, and out of line that you wish you could rewind life to the point and not said it? That just happened to me in an argument I had […]

American Hardcore DVD

American Hardcore – DVD Sony Pictures Classics Last year’s documentary based on the book of the same name from a few years ago now finds itself available on DVD. I was actually surprised by how quickly this came to DVD […]

R.I.P. Bad News Brown(Allen)

It seems I have to post one of these every few weeks and wrestlers are dropping faster than old punks. Allen Coage, better known to wrestling fans as Bad News Brown, or Bad News Allen depending on where he was […]

The return of the Bad Brains

I had heard recently that the Bad Brains were back together with HR and recording a new album with Adam Yauch at the helm. I had assumed it would be coming out on the Beastie Boys label, if that even […]

Munster Night at Delilah’s

The good folks at Munster Records asked me to pass along the following information and since they are a good label and we have a mutual friend, I figured I’d give them a plug. You folks living in the Chicago […]