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Stiff Little Fingers – Handheld & Rigidly Digital DVD
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Stiff Little Fingers has enjoyed quite a lengthy career that has spanned over two decades and they are still going strong today. They started as a punk band and sort of evolved into more of a rock band over time without abandoning their roots.

This DVD, containing mostly live concert footage was recorded on “the Hope Tour” which I think was around 1999. The footage was shot on multiple cameras and the quality is very good. One flaw though was at the beginning of the main feature there is a crawl across the bottom of the screen with information about the tour and the feature that is very hard to read because the words are shaky. I don’t know that this was intentional, I doubt it was, but it may give you a headache trying to read it. Thankfully it’s only a couple minutes long.

Along with the live footage of the main feature, there is also some rehearsal footage, interview footage, and a music video or two peppered throughout it. It almost makes the feature feel more like a documentary than just a concert film, which made the viewing experience much more interesting to me. The feature is about 80 minutes long and features 16 songs, and as a bonus there is a 20 minute interview piece that was very interesting and did a good job covering the history of the band and how they came to be. For someone like me who didn’t know very much about the band history, it was a nice education on Stiff Little Fingers.

The video is full frame as it was initially shot and the sound is 5.1 surround. The sound was the real standout, it was very clear and there was an ample amount of low end action in the sub-woofer. Of all the MVD released live DVDs I’ve heard, this easily has the best sound. There is no stereo-only mix on this disc which seemed like a strange omission but the 5.1 sounded so good, I couldn’t imagine wanting to change it anyway.

If you are a Stiff Little Fingers fan, you’ll enjoy having this in your collection and for someone like me who hasn’t been able to see them play (I was sick when they were just here a month or so ago), this give a great opportunity to see what they are like live and does a good job showcasing their career with the set list comprised of both old and new songs.

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