July, 2006

The Beast Must Die DVD

The Beast Must Die – DVD Dark Sky Films The Beast Must Die is a 1973 horror “whodunnit” film that tells the tale of a wealthy Big Game hunter who is after the one big hunt that has eluded him […]

Odds and ends

I’m moving this site to a new hosting service, so if the site is down for a couple days, don’t be alarmed. Thor, who has graciously hosted this domain for me for awhile now, is no longer able to do […]

Adolescents signed edition

I received a package in the mail a few days ago from my favorite lady in CA, Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records. Inside it contained a pretty sweet piece of vinyl which I will now show you. This is the […]

Buzzcocks 7/15/2006 at Double Door

Saturday night, members of the Klown Army, Lewdd and myself piled in Lewdd’s vehicle (like true clowns!) and braved the heat to go see The Buzzcocks play at the Double Door in Chicago. Having seen The Buzzcocks three years ago […]

Weirdos colored vinyl

Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records sent over her latest colored vinyl release, and what a fine one it is! Weirdos – Weird World Volume One on opaque blue vinyl The record also comes with a two-sided lyric sheet, something I […]