June, 2006

Finally, a new episode of LFCM

At long last, there is a new episode of LFCM that I just posted. Hopefully we’ll be back on a regular schedule of getting these things out there again. If you want to subscribe to the podcast feed, you can […]

Final Conflict – Ashes to Ashes CD

Final Conflict – Ashes to Ashes CD SOS Records Final Conflict was a hardcore band from CA who started in 1983 but didn’t put out this, their first album, until 1987 on Pushead’s label, Pusmort Records. It wasn’t in print […]

G.B.H. – City Baby Attacked by Rats DVD

Charged G.B.H. – On Stage: City Baby Attacked by Rats DVD Music Video Distributors G.B.H. (who somehow have put the “Charged” back in their name) has been around longer than a lot of modern punks have been alive! Through good […]

Violent Midnight – DVD

Violent Midnight – DVD Dark Sky Films Violent Midnight was the first film made by low-budget horror director Del Tenney. It came out in 1962 and featured a younger Dick Van Patton (later of Eight is Enough TV fame). The […]

Buzzcocks – Flat-pack Philosophy CD

Buzzcocks – Flat-pack Philosophy – CD Cooking Vinyl The Buzzcocks have been a punk rock institution for three decades now. Sure they took some time off here and there but it seems that even time off didn’t result in them […]