March, 2006

Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster DVD

Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster – DVD Dark Sky Films Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster is an old low-budget B movie from 1965 that was just released on DVD for the first time. The title is a bit misleading because […]

LFCM 11.26.05 Segment 3

I’m pleased to inform you that the newest episode of LFCM has just been posted. Visit the radio site to download the show. If you like to subscribe to podcasts through itunes, you can set itunes to subsribe to the […]

Japan night

Yesterday afternoon I received an email from Senor Citizen asking me if I would like to go with he and some other of the Klown army to Empty Bottle for the Japan Night show. Since it had been awhile since […]

Adolescents picture disc

I just got another package in the mail from Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records. Inside it contained a new limited edition release of a punk classic that was licensed to another label for a one-time limited edition of 1000. The […]