The many flavors of: Gang Green – PMRC Sucks EP

As if there wasn’t enough variations of their first EP to keep you busy, when Gang Green put out a second EP, this time a 12″, it ended up having even more variations than their first one, and it was released on two different labels.

The first pressing was released on HIM Records and came on black vinyl.
Gang Green first pressing

It was then picked up by Taang! Records and reissued with a new sleeve and on a handful of different vinyl colors.

Red vinyl,
Gang Green red pressing

green vinyl,
Gang Green green pressing

clear vinyl,
Gang Green clear pressing

and “Acapulco Gold vinyl” of which there was only 200 pressed.
Gang Green gold pressing

After that, it went out of print. I am pretty sure there was 500 of each color except for the gold one, which states on the cover it was limited to 200 copies. By the way, that is Aimee Mann from Til Tuesday on the cover of the Taang! version, as this records’ gimmick was that it was a cover of “Voices Carry” backed with a couple original tunes.

So aside from the test pressing, there you have every variation of this EP.