January, 2006

New Adolescents color vinyl

Hot on the heels of the package I recentely received from Lisa of Frontier Records, comes another one! This package contained the newest color vinyl of the first Adolescents album. This is another one of those records that should be […]

The weekend in review

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday night I went to see Chronicles of Narnia at the Tivoli thanks to the gift card I got for xmas. I actually looked like a “real man” by being able to “pay” for […]

DIY punk auction site

I damn near forgot about this until I was sifting through some old emails. I had planned on alerting the people about this site a couple months ago. Clark from Happy Couples Never Last Records has started a DIY auction […]

Neon Christ reunion photos

As you regular visitors are likely aware of, Neon Christ did a pair of reunion shows this past weekend down in their home of Atlanta, GA. Try as I did, I could not muster up the means to attend them, […]