And you guys thought it was a scam!

Today something great happened. There was a knock at the door and I answered it. It was the DHL man with a package for me. Normally I do not get packages from DHL so I had to think what it could be. Then I had a guess. I opened up the package and to say I became instantly aroused might be an understatement.

In the box was a tshirt…

wrapped around my free IPOD!!!!!!!!

That’s right, the free Ipod gimmick is not only legit, but it works! That is a white, 60gb Ipod w/video! Thanks to those who participated in the gimmick and helped me out! If any of you have your referral links, send them to me so I can pass them along to return the favor.

Want one of your own? You can go for the Nano, or one of these video Ipods.

Oh man, what a day! Now to spend the countless hours loading it up! For once, not having a job is going to be an asset for the next few days at least!