December, 2005

How about a show Friday?

This Friday, Destroy Everything is playing at the Double Door here in Chicago. They are opening for metal legends, Macabre, which makes for an odd but cool pairing. The show starts at 9pm and Destroy Everything is second on the […]

New York Dolls – All Dolled Up DVD

New York Dolls – All Dolled Up DVD Music Video Distributors If it wasn’t for the New York Dolls, you may not be visiting this site right now because were it not for them, who knows what would have happened […]

King Kong

Wednesday my Uncle took me to see King Kong. It was the opening day and we caught a show around 11:30am. For an opening day, I was surprised at how empty the theatre was, not just for our show, but […]

I’m back!

For those who may have visited earlier today or late last night to find this site had somehow vanished, worry not, it was only temporary. I woke up today to discover it was gone and was freaking out fearing the […]