Selections from The Punk Vault [Xmas 2005]

SSD - Jolly Old St Nick

SSD – Jolly Old Saint Nicholas 7″
(1992 Taang! Records)

Since I’m pretty sure I didn’t do a Xmas themed selection last year, I wanted to do one for this xmas. It came to me the other night what to pick and here you go. I’m not going to do a full blown history on SSD because I’ll save that for the future when I do a proper selection featuring them. This 7″ came out in 1992 around the time that Taang! put out the Power collection of old SSD recordings. They made 200 of these one-sided 7″s which I’m sure sold out very quickly. This song originally appeared on some old Boston compilation and I believe it also appears on Power. This was Taang! #64 and had a color photocopied sleeve.

Merry Xmas everyone! I hope everyone has a nice holiday and gets some cool swag. Thanks to everyone who visited this site and left comments and emails throughout the year.

Listen to “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” from the record.

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