November, 2005

Attention would be thieves

In case there may have been any question in the mind of all these image stealing assholes, let me make something perfectly clear. NO ONE HAS PERMISSION TO USE MY PHOTOS FROM THIS WEBSITE FOR ANY REASON WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION […]

LFCM October 2005 episode 3 now available!

I just posted the newest episode of our “Live from Combustion Manor” (or LFCM for short) radio show/podcast (or punkcast as I’d like to call it). Lots of great old punk tunes and some (hopefully) entertaining stories and whatnot from […]

Pinball Expo 2005

So the past few days were spent at the Wyndam Hotel near O’Hare Airport for the annual Pinball Expo. The pinball related action started a full week ago when Koz came to town and we made our rounds in the […]

The Weirdos – Live Radio CD

The Weirdos – Live On Radio CD Frontier Records The Weirdos are one of the first, and one of the absolute best bands from the first wave of Los Angeles punk. It is no secret that the era and locale […]