November, 2005

Warfrat Tales Unabridged CD

Various Artists Warfrat Tales Unabridged CD Avebury Records If there is one problem with having a vault consisting of thousands of records is that there are plenty of them that you own, yet go ignored and damn near forgotten for […]

LFCM November recording session

Last night we had another recording session for our “Live From Combustion Manor” radio show. Sadly out planned special guest, Barry, couldn’t make it out for the show. Hopefully he can come out for the next one. Members in attendance […]

Any WordPress experts out there?

Anyone reading this know much about how WordPress works? I have a big problem with it. Suddenly all email from it stopped working. I don’t get any notifications of any sort, not for comments, recovering lost passwords, the people who […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope everyone who reads this has a great day and stuffs themselves into a food coma while eating the best meal of the year. As for me, I’ll be spending the day at my Uncle’s place […]