October, 2005

Live from Combustion Manor returns!

At long last, “Live from Combustion Manor” internet radio has returned. Part one is available to the people in a handy podcast format. Coming in the near future will be the return of the streaming web radio as well. The […]

R.I.P. The Crusher

I got an email from Lewdd this morning informing me The Crusher died. I remember seeing him wrestle near the end of his run in the AWA back in the 1980s, often times teaming up with Dick the Bruiser. Both […]

Help Punk Planet Magazine!

I was a fan of Punk Planet Magazine ever since I read my first issue (which was like their 3rd or 4th I think). It was different than Maximumrocknroll, and for me was a good compliment to it because it […]

3x Thursday

I haven’t done one of these in ages and I have a couple of free minutes before I have to head out to take care of some stuff, which isn’t enough time to finish the planned entry for later today. […]

Go Team!

Congratulations to my Chicago White Sox for sweeping the World Series! While I don’t watch baseball on TV normally, I will go to a White Sox game anytime someone asks me (and when I actually have income to pay for […]