July, 2005

More Frontier colored vinyl

Lisa Fancher, owner of Frontier Records, sent me a little care package in the mail. In it was the latest 3 colored vinyl reissues of some of the classic punk albums on the label. Not only do they come on […]

A new address and a new system

Note: the URL now for The Punk Vault is simply http://www.punkvinyl.com . Please update your bookmarks and links if you’d be so kind. Under the suggestion by my good friend Thor, I made the switch from Movable Type to WordPress. […]

R.I.P. Lord Alfred Hayes

Wow, this week isn’t a very good one. First we lose Scotty, and now Lord Alfred Hayes! Koga just IM’d me to let me know and pointed me to this link. I never got to see Lord Alfred wrestle as […]

Goodbye Scotty

Actor James Doohan, most famous for his role as Scotty on Star Trek, passed away. I used to watch the show when I was a little kid and saw all the movies. More recently, while still gainfully employed, I picked […]