June, 2005


There are few things I hate more than when some new band forms, and they use the name of a much better band that came before them. Case in point, a friend of mine is dancing at a show at […]

Vengeance PPV

Tonight I went to Famous Freddie’s to see the WWE Vengeance wrestling PPV. It was a Raw-only show and while those are usually better than the Smackdown only shows, I typically find the single brand shows to be pretty sub-par […]

Placebo Records interview

I just did an interview with Tony Victor who was the founder of Placebo Records. Placebo Records put out records by JFA, Mighty Sphincter, The Feederz, The Teds, and pleny more. It’s up on the Spontaneous Combustion site and you […]

MC5 – Kick Out the Jams – DVD

MC5 – Kick Out the Jams DVD Music Video Distributors For many punks older than me, their road to the promised land (the punk rock scene) was first paved by such unorthodox bands such as The Stooges and MC5. Now […]