May, 2005

Goodbye to The Riddler

Frank Gorshin passed away yesterday at the age of 72. Most of you will likely know him as The Riddler in the old Batman TV series. He also played a character who was half black and half white in an […]

Still no luck

Still no luck so far on the job hunt. In the meantime I have been catching up on stuff around the Manor and just started another project for Mystic Records that I should probably finish by the weekend seeing as […]

No more notifications

Just so you don’t think I vanished, I am shutting off the email notifications for this site for when its updated. In checking the logs just now, I noticed a flood of bogus email subscriptions. The lowlife spammer fucks are […]

Iggy Pop – Live San Fran 1981 DVD

Iggy Pop – Live San Fran 1981 DVD Music Video Distributors Ah yes, yet another Target Video release from the archives has been reissued in digital glory. I’m really glad to see them continue to re-release this old stuff as […]