Flipside Fanzine, gone but not forgotten

In my mid-teens while in high school, I discovered Flipside Fanzine for the first time when I bought a copy of it at the Rose Records in Naperville (this is when Devon Brock from Out of Order was the buyer and before Naperville became the conceited soccer mom capital of the world). I was an instant fan and I bought every single issue that came out since that first one, and even picked up some earlier ones I had missed. I learned about so many bands thru those interviews and by reading the reviews and even made a pen pal via the classifieds for awhile. I was pretty sad when it quietly just vanished into thin air.

Well, it may be gone, but it will never be forgotten thanks to a tribute website that was done by Michele Flipside. I found out about this via a comment her husband left on this blog. Nice work Michele, the site is definitely a labor of love. It has a good history of the zine and lots of great photos. It is well worth checking out.

And Michele, if you are reading this, I have that Rodney on the Roq comp with the Flipside in it and will get you the info you are missing from it when I get a chance.