Nardcore, such a warm place

In my never ending effort to contact people from punk bands of the past, I figure it was due time to start to prepare some entries for some of the Nardcore bands, such as Dr. Know and Ill Repute. So I went on the nardcore website, which is where these old timers gather. I found their message board and after being assaulted by popup ads, I posted to it asking for members of Dr. Know and Ill Repute to please get in touch as I’d like to do some features on them for this site.

The first person to respond was some kid who I assume has never felt the touch of a woman and was sitting at his computer with a bottle of lotion and his pants around his ankles. He instanty posted to “watch out for this guy, he works for Doug Moody”. Then someone else tried to defend me, and then Brandon Cruz chimed in asking who the hell I was.

Completely annoyed, I responded to the message and layed out the facts. I do indeed do some work for Doug which is no secret, I do not have anything to do with whatever problem they have with him, I was not in the room, the town or the state when they signed whatever contracts they sign, and where I earn some side money has no bearing on this whatsover. I also assured them I was not working on a Mystic project regarding them and my interest was soley related to the Selections from The Punk Vault series.

The same annonymous guy challenged me to come to the 805, which I assume is some sort of club in Oxnard, if I was brave and get the story in person, which I would do, if it wasn’t a couple thousand miles away. Then Brandon Cruz chimed in how he won’t tell another journalist the stories about his beef with Mystic ever again, how he’s a media whore and its all well documented and how I was smug but if I was looking for memories that would be ok or something to that effect.

Throughout the years I have read plenty of stories by bands about how they got ripped off by Mystic. Now they could be true, or they could not be, I don’t know. There is two sides to every story and I’m not passing judgment on either side. What I do know is all I remember ever reading was the vague “he ripped us off” with no detail given to what they signed, what they received, etc. It would be nice to hear a detailed account of how they remember things going down. I have also heard a few stories about how the band was told up front they were not getting a royalty, and that they would be provided with copies of the records as payment and were given as much, if not more than they were promised. So the story is different depending on who you ask and 20+ year old booze and drug damaged memories sometimes can get fuzzy and lost as time continues to pass by.

What would be nicer still, is if they don’t judge someone based soley on who they do some side work for, and that they share some of their band memories for the readers here to enjoy. Whether that will happen now or not remains to be seen.

If one were to follow this flawed logic of not associating with anyone who has ties to Mystic, then they by right should be against any record store who sells their records as well as these bands’ non-Mystic Records, any distributor who sells both their Mystic and non-Mystic releases, and any fan who bought those records, because in some way, they all have a tie.

Seems pretty silly if you ask me.