January, 2005

Seeking band members

I am looking for anyone that can put me in touch with anyone who was in the following bands… Corpsicles, No Thanks, Misguided, Armed Citizens, Token Entry, Salvation Army, Meaty Buys, Catatonics, False Prophets, Kids For Cash, The Next. Aside […]

Nardcore, such a warm place

In my never ending effort to contact people from punk bands of the past, I figure it was due time to start to prepare some entries for some of the Nardcore bands, such as Dr. Know and Ill Repute. So […]

Fuck You Paypal

In an effort to further fist you up the backside in fees like its parent company, ebay, apparently paypal has instituted some sort of receiving limit per month on personal accounts. I am sure this was done to force people […]