October, 2004

Punk rock loses two more

Over the past few days the world of punk rock lost two more figures. Greg Shaw, founder of Bomp Records, passed away this past week. For those who didn’t know, Bomp started out as a magazine, then a record store, […]

15 seconds of fame revisted

Apparently Midway Games put out an “arcade treasures volume 2” compilation for the Xbox that features Mortal Kombat 3 on it. They also included some video history about the game, featuring yours truly talkin about my involvement on that project. […]

TAF will bow before me!

Last nite I murdered my Addams Family pinball! I put up a 2.174 Billion! That was nearly double my previous all-time best, and nearly a billion more than the Grand Champion score on my game (a 1.38 Billion, held by […]

R.I.P. Jacopo

I found out today that one of my daghouse message board friends, Jacopo Giorgi, took his own life. This came as a complete shock to me, and everyone else who frequents that board. Jacopo was one of the nicest people […]

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday. I am now 35 years old. I’m not very happy about it, time is flying by and it doesn’t seem to stop. Birthdays become less fun and exciting once you become an adult, then you almost […]