October, 2004

Cure reissue!

Taken from The Cure’s website. I’ll be buying it for sure the day of release. I have a lot of the material on vinyl and cassette but it will be nice to have on the Ipod friendly format, along with […]


Last nite my uncle and I went to see Godzilla at the Tivoli. The original Godzilla, in Japanese with English subtitles, and no Raymond Burr. I have never seen this version of the film, I have only ever seen the […]

Star Wars then and now

I found this pair of articles that give the most detailed descriptions of the changes throught the many versions of Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back. This is easily the most comprehensive list ever complete with screen shots and audio […]

Back to life

Well, after battling sickness for a full week, and even caving in and going to the doctor (because work demanded a note for missing so many days), I am back in the swing of things, albeit slowly. Thanks to being […]