September, 2004

3x Thursday

1.When you listen to music, do you focus on the music or the lyrics? Both? Neither? Why/why not? It depends on my mood and what I’m listening to at the time. 2. Do you have a particular favorite instrument in […]

One almost snuck by me!

Turns out they released Land of the Lost Season 2 yesterday on DVD. I didn’t even know it was scheduled to be released already, it wasn’t on the DVDTalk list. Looks like I’m hitting the store on the way home […]

Seeking a record

I am in desperate need of this particular new record: Crime – San Francisco’s Still Doomed LP (swami records) on WHITE VINYL There was a sticker on the shrink wrap indicating the white vinyl copies. I’ll gladly pay for it, […]

Crippled! Help?!

They crippled our internet at work, and one of the results is the inablility now to use bit torrent as the ports it used are closed. I was getting the Howard Stern show via Torrents every day in mp3 format […]