August, 2004

South Park gives SC the nod!

The Lady Combustion and I were watching some TV on the Tivo, and one of the shows I record is South Park (since before I had the Tivo, I could never remember to watch it), and what would this particular […]

Good luck Earthquake!

Many of you old WWF fans (now known as WWE) may remember Earthquake. Well, Earthquake in real life is a man named John Tenta and he has been battling cancer for a little while now. Seems John got some sad […]

Return of the King???

Does anybody know if/when they are doing an extended DVD edition of LOTR: Return of the King like they did with the first two movies? I’d have thought it would be in time for xmas but I don’t see it […]


Upon closer inspection (ie: viewing the box art at a larger size), it turns out that Godzilla box set contains movies I already own on DVD! Dammit, they just collect them together in a box. However all is not lost, […]