August, 2004

Home again

Back home from the final trip this year to CA for work. I’m gonna miss the people I worked with and miss my home away from home. I’ll have an update tonite or tomorrow with pix of the trip and […]

Goodbye Fireside Bowl

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of a Chicago institution. The Fireside Bowl. They no longer will be doing shows. For those not aware, The Fireside was an old, run-down bowling alley on the northwest […]

Why United Airlines is the shits

United officially is on my shit list for the following: 1. When you book a flight, and specify Aisle seating, they will put you in the middle anyway. 2. They will be late. 3. Now, instead of a free shitty […]

Raw Thoughts and off to CA!

While it didn’t get my full attention because I was packing and preparing for my journey back to CA again, last nite’s Raw really was pretty lousy. Between the stupid as fuck Diva Search to the uber-ghey Lita/Kane bullshit, it […]