July, 2004

The Cheifs 7″ delayed

There was a problem with the sleeves for The Cheifs and I’m going to get them reprinted. They were WAY too dark, making the back nearly unreadable. What a bummer. This will end up delaying the release for another 2 […]

Spammer morons

So some lowlife scumbag comment spammer went thru all the trouble to comment spam me from like a dozen separate IPs in the span of a couple minutes, but used the same URL in all of them. Fuckwit, it took […]

Famous for a day

Thor posted a photo of me on the MTA over on his photo site. It was taken on the way back from the Sent Exhibit which he was a part of.

Goodbye CA

I’m leaving tonite to go back home after a long, but fun week. I have missed home though and can’t wait to be back there. I will post an update of the recent activity when I have some more time […]

Still in CA

I’m still here in CA. Today is the last day for work. It has been really fun but somewhat frustrating at times. Korean BBQ last nite was a blast. I am still full from it and it is the next […]