I caved in

Today I went and got an Ipass. For those who don’t know what that is I will explain.

See, here in lovely IL, we have these pieces of shit knows as Tollways. On these things, you get to pay for the privilage of sitting in traffic. Not only that, they actually cause MORE traffic cuz you have to stop at these fucking tollbooths and cough up the dough. Often times, in front of you will be some fuckwit who, even though he/she knows they are on a tollway and thus must pony up some cash, will wait until they are at the booth to start and look for some change to feed the booth! Unless you have to endure this, there is no way you can imagine the frustration.

The Ipass is a gimmick that lets you pass thru a special lane without stopping and then they just charge you for it, thus you won’t have to stop and wait for the retard in the SUV who doesn’t know how to count to 40 in change. The lady combustion swore by the Ipass and told me I should get one and I was resistant but I finally caved in and she was right, they do save you some time and frustration. I’d rather not pay at all cuz I think that tollways are bullshit, and a ripoff, but since there is no way to cheat the tolls, and I have to pay, this is a better alternative to what I was going thru on my commute to and from work every day. On top of that, I don’t have to worry about always making sure I have some change in the car.