July, 2004


I’ll admit, I popped when they opened the curtain on monday on Raw during that horrible Diva search and behind it was Kamala The Ugandan Giant. I was a mark for him back in the early days and I’ll admit […]

I wondered where he was

I had been wondering if Perry Saturn was working anywhere these days as it has been awhile since I heard anything about him since his departure from the WWE. Well, turns out Mr. Saturn is a bit of a hero. […]

Great show tonite!

Tonite at the Fireside Bowl: SINCE BY MAN THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES 7pm start My two favorite new punk rock bands together at the same show! It is a dream come true I tell you! Who is with me?!!

Another weekend gone already

Friday nite after work, Lady Combustion and I went down to the Lyon’s Den for the last ever Punk Rock Friday show. I haven’t been there in a few months so it was nice to go back. Destroy Everything played, […]

I caved in

Today I went and got an Ipass. For those who don’t know what that is I will explain. See, here in lovely IL, we have these pieces of shit knows as Tollways. On these things, you get to pay for […]

This is an improvement?!

I just installed the new version of MyIE2 (now called Maxthon) and now the links in my blogroll don’t show up when I am viewing my blog! They call that an improvement? It worked (and still works) in the old […]