June, 2004

The Cheifs update

The Cheifs vinyl was just delivered today. There looks to be a couple really pretty colors of vinyl. I don’t have sleeves yet, as I am still awaiting the artwork. It is scheduled to be delivered today so I can […]

Skinny Puppy day one

Last nite was the big Skinny Puppy show at The Vic Theatre here in Chicago. I wasn’t very excited about the show until I read some reports from the first two and saw the set list. The show was very […]

Bad Blood

Last nite’s WWE PPV with the above title was pretty good overall. I can’t think of any match that made me think “man that sucked”. The only lackluster match was the opening tag match. Benoit probably got one of Kane’s […]

Of home runs and vinyl

Last nite MAC and I went to the White Sox game. It was a nice (but humid) nite for a game. The game was great, Sox won and I have never seen so many home runs in a single game. […]