I saw Farenheit 9/11 on Friday nite and simply put, it was an amazing film. I’l be the first to admit that I don’t really follow politics. In fact, I avoid all things political because I had no interest in it, and it was too confusing and depressing. This film really opened my eyes wider as to how fucked up things are and can be. I have never voted before, but between all this bullshit with the FCC and Clear Channel and our first amendment rights being in danger, to all the shit about Iraq, the 9/11 bombings, who is profiting off this war, etc, you can be damn sure I’m getting my ass to the voting booth come election time. The only thing that sucks was Bush didn’t win the last election, yet somehow managed to become president, so what’s to stop it from happening again?! That film made me wish I could just find some island somewhere that I could live on and be isolated from all the bullshit that goes on in the world. Anyway, the film will really get you thinking, it will make you laugh, depress you, and piss you off all in the course of the 2 hours.

Saturday nite was pinball league. I had to fight the Brothers Sharpe and I started off shitty but then finished up alright. It was a lot of fun to play those older games that the Sharpe’s have, and The King even made an appearance and it was good to see him again (for those not in the know, The King is Steve Ritchie, a pinball designer who made some really kickass games).

Sunday was The Great American Bash PPV (WWE show). It was pretty lousy overall. The Chavo/Rey match was excellent. The title match started off good but the finish was bullshit, and went against the rules they were preaching the entire match, not to mention I really question the logic of putting the title on JBL when so many people think that he is the shits. They don’t hate him cuz he is a heel and they are supposed to, they hate him because they don’t buy into him as a main event heel, his promos are long winded and repetitive, and his ring work, while not awful, is pretty lackluster. Putting the belt on him is only going to repel even more fans than the lousy writing overall on smackdown has been doing post-WM20. Some other notes: Kenzo Suzuki sucks ass. He is the Asian Kevin Nash, but has no charisma. I wonder what they saw in this guy to give him work. The match with Luthor was alright, I hope they keep having him wrestle, he’s a good guy, is pretty good in the ring, and deserves the shot. The ladies match was a train-wreck but they always are when you have the non-wrestling divas in there. The cement truck thing with Paul Bearer and The Undertaker was dumb, you saw that heel turn coming a mile away and you could have saved the money on the dumb gimmick and just had Taker side up with Heyman without the fake “murder”. I accept the need to suspend disbelief in wrestling but when you do some over the top stupid shit like drowning a man in cement, that is just too much. Where were the cops to arrest him, he just murdered someone on live TV! Ugh. I cant’ wait to watch Raw tonite for it is the much better show, except for the ridiculous “pregnancy” angle with Lita.

4 days until Skinny Puppy!!!!!!!!!!!