May, 2004

One down, countless more to go

This article was quite interesting. If only they could bust ALL spammers and send them to prison to experience some of that “hot farm action” they usually are promoting right up their shitters. If it were up to me, spammers […]

Of TV and Petrol

Gas was $2.09 this morning when I filled up! This is fucking insane, it was 30 cents more in CA last week too. All I know is when Clinton was president, I was paying $1.29 a gallon for gas. Hell, […]

Back (for now)

Back from my 8 day trip to CA. It was a lot of fun, but very tiring. I’m back at work now and what made coming in on a monday morning, still on CA time so good was…. THE GOVERNMENT […]

Of records and In and Out

Still out in CA. The work portion of the trip is done, and it was a lot of fun, and very tiring. Now I’m on the mini-vacation/punk rock business trip portion of my journey. Today I will be getting SCR-006 […]

Almost ready!

Thanks to Jon C, I now have the inserts for the Government Issue 7″ I’m putting out. The printer shipped the sleeves the other day and they’ll be in tuesday and the vinyl should be here by the end of […]

On the mend, again

Home sick for the third day in a row. I started feeling crappy on sunday, but thought it to just be allergies. I was wrong and I’m sick. It has moved from my head down to my chest an throat, […]