April, 2004


I am going to WWE Raw tonite at the Allstate Arena! I can’t wait, and the best part was the price – FREE! Tonite’s 8 man tag match with Shelton Benjamin (who is getting a big push it seems, and […]

Reason #32 why I love Potbellys!

A little while back I went to the Potbellys web site and sent them an email thru there telling them how much I love their food, and how I have been their biggest spokesman for the last 14 years and […]

“Skinny Puppy” returns

Skinny Puppy is playing here in Chicago on June 16th. Of course I wouldn’t miss it, they are my favorite band on earth. Well they were my favorite band on earth. This show better not be as big of a […]

The Weirdos in Chicago!

Last nite was the show I was so looking forward too for quite awhile, The Weirdos at Subterranean! It was a really fun show. Despite there being too many opening bands, all the acts preceding The Weirdos were entertaining. The […]