April, 2004

Just my luck…

My dryer seems to have crapped out, or as my brother in law likes to say, “shit the bed”. I am going to have to get a new one, and I don’t know thing one about them. Anybody have any […]

Back from Cali part deux

Saturday: Bob and I took the trek up to Dr. Strange Records. I got a handful of records, including a test pressing for The Cheifs LP he is putting out. I also got the new MRR, which I ended up […]

Back from Cali

I returned home to the Manor last nite after an uneventful flight home (the best kind of flight). In fact, it was actually a little early! That certainly made up for the shitty, long, late, flight out there last Sunday! […]


Out in lovely Los Angeles, my home away from home. I’m here for work, and a little pleasure too. After today’s work was complete I drove down to Hollywood to pick up Bob, Thor, and Staci and we went to […]

Double Delight!

Yesterday, in the span of about 6 hours, I ate at my two favorite places on earth; Potbellys and In and Out Burger! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Reason #33!

Yesterday when I got home from work, I opened my mailbox and found a package inside there, it was marked from Potbellys. I opened it up to find a free t-shirt and not one, but TWO coupons for a free […]