March, 2004

There’s some fine customer service

While perusing ebay recently, I noticed the typical sleazy record pimps were selling the new Descendents and Subhumans records on color vinyl. Now I bought the Descendents 7″ at the store and it was on black vinyl. Not ever one […]

NWA-TNA revisited

I watched some of the NWA-TNA show last nite. They have been around for maybe 2 years now, perhaps less, I can’t recall. After all the time that has passed, I still have the same issues with it that I […]

I damn near forgot

One more match I forgot to write about, I guess cuz the outcome was such a disappointment. Rock/Mick Foley vs. Evolution in a 3 on 2 handicap match: OK, first of all, on Raw they said Superfly Snuka was going […]

Wrestlemania XX

Last nite was Wrestlemania 20. I had a bunch of people over for it and we all got pizzas. It was a fun time and overall a very good and entertaining show. I can’t beleive that WM is 20 years […]